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ppg carbon props

the only full carbon propellers for paramotors on the market


the lightest and the most efficient



hélices ppg carbone




E-PROPS: the propellers of the 2017 Paramotors European Champions


european paramotor championship 2017

Marie Matéos / Alex Matéos / Pierre Lefebvre : 100% French, 100% MacFly, 100% E-Props !



marie mateos

Marie Matéos is preparing her flight





E-PROPS: the propellers of the 2016 Paramotors World Champions




alex matéos vainqueur des world air games 2015 mac fly polini e-props

Alex Matéos - special E-Props 4-blades QD2 concept




marie alex mateos



Hélices E-PROPS proposes some different ranges of carbon propellers for paramotors uses. These propellers are specially designed and manufactured for paramotors engines, with :

- the best possible efficiency, due to small chord and high CL profiles

- the lightest propellers in the world : because really in full carbon !

- noise limitation

- no vibrations because of a good balancing

and all this at affordable prices






the lightest propellers





More than 600 models for : Cisco Motors, Compact Radial Engines, Cors-Air, Flyengine, Hirth, Per il Volo, Polini, Radne, Ros Motor, Rotax, Simonini, Sky Engines, Vittorazi...




PLUG'n'FLY models :

The PLUG'n'FLY propellers are 100% carbon, the lightest on the market, very strong, in two sectionable parts, simple to assembly. Those propeller are the lightest and the strongest props on the market.


hélice e-props propeller





NG-D models :

This kind of propellers, with adjustable pitch (pre-adjustment done in E-PROPS workshop), is interesting for engines manufacturers, paramotors manufacturers, champions, and pilots who are looking for the best pitch. As all the E-PROPS propellers, they are very light and the very efficient.


hélices NG-D pour paramoteurs





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How can I know the thrust of an E-Props for paramotors ?

May I choose a 125 cm diameter or a 130 cm to increase the thrust ?

It is possible to know the thrust by using our software. Please see here : MODELIZATION PROGRAM

A propeller with a 130 cm diameter will have a higher thrust (some kg) than a 125 cm diameter. It depends on the engine and max RPM.


Examples :

- Engine Polini Thor 250 red 2,8 =>

2-blades propeller PLUG'n'FLY diameter 125 cm = thrust 85 kg

2-blades propeller PLUG'n'FLY diameter 130 cm = thrust 89 kg

- Engine Vittorazi Moster 185 red 2,86 =>

2-blades propeller PLUG'n'FLY diameter 125 cm = thrust 76 kg

2-blades propeller PLUG'n'FLY diameter 130 cm = thrust 80 kg



What is the choice between a 2-blades, a 3-blades or a 4-blades ?

Which propeller would have the best efficiency ?

When the model exists, in the E-Props range, it would be a 4-blades, without doubt.

The more blades, the best efficiency. It is possible to see this in our MODELIZATION PROGRAM. A 4-blades propeller would have a better efficiency, thus would gives the best thrust. This is true for the diameters and the powers used in leisure aviation.

But it is true only if the blade is adapted to the configuration : a blade of a 2-blades propeller which will be assembled on a 3-blades or 4-blades hub do not allow to reach the best performances with such 3- or 4-blades propellers. The universal blade designed for all configurations do not exists, unfortunately. To each propeller exist a different blade geometry, or the effciency will not be the best.



Example :

- Engine Polini Thor 250 red 2,8, E-Props propellers with diameter 130 cm =>

2-blades = thrust of 89 kg

3-blades = thrust of 94 kg

4-blades = thrust of 97 kg


By E-Props, the 4-blades propellers have been designed with a special concept to reduce the noise. It is the QD2 concept : a 4-blades composed of 2 x 2-blades with different angles to reduce the noise and increase the performances. Noise reduction in comparison with a standard propeller : about 6 decibels.




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