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The E-Props propellers are precisely balanced, if possible with their accessories (spinners).


The team is using an electronic bench to balance the propellers, with 2 oscilloscopes.


The maximum tolerance accepted is 0,3 gr/m


E-Props propellers are well known to generate very few vibrations, due to their very light weight and to their very precise balancing.




Be careful : the blades have not necessarily the same weight.

To balance a propeller, the weight of both blades is important, of course, but before all the weight distribution all along the blade.



Example :

equilibrage balancing



The weights P1 et P2 of each blade apply respectively to centre of gravity G1 and G2, which are not at an equal distance on the center of rotation O of the propeller.

The balancing must be realized to obtain : P1 x d1 = P2 x d2




It is strongly discouraged to add weight to one blade, in order to have the same weight for all blades. The propeller would be then unbalanced, and can cause some vibrations. In case of doubts, il is possible to returm the propeller to E-Props for balancing verification. Please contact us : helices@e-props.fr



When the propellers are light, good balanced with a very low tolerance, a static balancing is enough to avoid vibrations perception and vibrations consequences. In this case a dynamic balancing is not necessary.







Propeller track is the path followed by a blade segment in one rotation.


E-Props have flexible blades. The maximum tracking is 10 mm.



tracking helice