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Any rotating propeller can be a serious danger for the pilot, passengers and/or spectators.


Before rotating the propeller with the hand, always carefully verify that the engine ignition system is off. Be always extremely careful as soon as an engine equipped with a propeller may turn. Never let the children touch propeller, even when the engine is stopped.

The propeller is a vital part of the aircraft. A problem on the propeller may cause a forced landing, and may cause vibrations : the aircraft and its engine may be damaged.

VERY IMPORTANT : the propeller must be well assembled, tightened, verified and maintained in accordance with the Instruction and Service Manual written by the propeller's manufacturer. A regular check allows to discover potential problems before they may become serious.

An Instruction and Service Manual or a Operation Instruction Sheet is given with each E-Props propeller. Each propeller has its own dedicated Manual. The updated documents are available on this page : PROPELLERS MANUALS. If you have bought a second-hand propeller and if you have not its Manual, please contact our company and we will provide you this Manual.


The ELECTRAVIA – Hélices E-PROPS company declines liability for any case of negligence in assembly, tightness, period verifications or maintenance (as written in the Manuals), and also for any case of propeller's shock with a foreign matter.



All propeller's verifications, and especially balancing, are made very precisely by Hélices E-PROPS before the delivery. Any technical intervention on the propeller may affect this balancing and generate vibrations which may damage the engine.


The manufacturing process of the E-PROPS propellers is dependent of various factors. Each E-PROPS propeller is unique. A E-PROPS propeller may have some small defects, as small bubbles or small holes in the resin, or some stains, or small scratches, or slight variation of colors. Those small aspect defects do not weaken the propeller's characteristics and do not affect its performances. Those small aspects defects may not be considered by the customer as major defects and cannot be the cause of the refusal of the acceptation of the order.



E-PROPS : designed for a specific motorisation

The E-PROPS propellers have all been designed, tested and validated for a specific set of engine + reduction drive + diameter. NEVER put this propeller on an other set of engine + reduction drive without the written agreement of the E-PROPS team.

Never put a propeller designed for an engine with gear box on an direct drive engine : this would be very dangereous.



E-PROPS propeller = complete kit :

Each E-PROPS propeller is designed, caculated and manufactured as a complete kit which must not be separated. Except with the prior written agreement of the ELECTRAVIA design departement, it is strictly fobidden to use the E-PROPS blades on an other hub (for example in metal), or to use the E-PROPS hubs with other blades of an other brand. The use of E-PROPS components without prior calculations made by ELECTRAVIA design departement can lead to particularly serious technical problems.


Extended hubs :

NEVER cut an E-PROPS extended hub. The extended hubs are designed and manufactured for a defined length. Cut them is similar to destroy the mechanical strength of the hub. This would be very dangereous. It is absolutely FORBIDDEN to fly with an E-PROPS extended hub which would have been cutted. There is no risk to do this by accident : it would be very noticeable that a hub has been cutted. If the hub is cutted, it is destroyed. If you have no the good length, please contact our team and we will send the hub you want.


Warning :

The E-PROPS propellers are not certified propellers : they are not compliant with any aeronautical certification (except the ASTM F2506-13 standards, for the LSA aircraft). Their use is the sole responsibility of the owner / pilot of the aircraft.

Never fly in an aircraft with a non certified engine and/or propeller in circumstances, over inhospitable zones, in bad weathers conditions and in such altitudes which do not allow you to land successfully after the engine stop.

Flights over inhospitable zones (mountains, forests, deserts, seas) are not allowed with non certified aircraft.



Repair :

If an incident or a shock require an important repair, this one must be realized by Hélices E-PROPS in its workshops, or by a specialist after exchanges with the team E-PROPS. Any intervention on E-PROPS propellers without the preliminary agreement of the team relieves the company of any responsibility and cancels de facto any guarantee.


If you have any problem with your E-PROPS propeller, please contact the E-PROPS team immediately :

- by email :

- by phone : +33(0)4 92 34 00 00

- by post : Hélices E-PROPS ZA Aérodrome de Sisteron 04200 Vaumeilh - France




The E-PROPS propellers are not certified propellers. Their use is only under the customer's responsibility.

All E-PROPS propellers have been extensively tested and validated, but they did not receive any official approvals, and do not conform officially to aeronautical standard (EASA, FAA) to this day.

The E-PROPS propellers are used on non-certified aircraft, ultralights, motogliders, UAV, and on all vehicle on whom an engine stop or a loss of the propeller during the flight may not have serious consequences.

The user accepts the risks of using those type of propellers, and acknowledges knowing that his engine / propeller combination may suddenly stop.

The complete Conditions of Sale of the ELECTRAVIA – Hélices E-PROPS products are here : CGV_HEP